3 Things I Love Today- A PhD is..., Tim Gunn Grouch, and my Mom is Here!

by - Saturday, September 29, 2012

1. This visual representation of what a PhD is-the colors represent knowledge- the blue is elementary school, the green is highschool, the pink is college (where you learn a bit of everything, but also spacialize) and then you push out further out into your specialized direction, until you reach a gap in knowledge. You push that limit out a teeny bit, and that little nubbin' you added to the world of knowledge is a PhD. Whoa. If the big red phallus was a lot skinnier, this would be a perfect representation, I think.
2. Tim Gunn on the set of Sesame Street- If this photograph doesn't warm your heart, you are the worst person in the entire world.

3. My Mom is visiting! She's so fun and laid back, and right now she is weirdly stubborn about sleeping on the couch in our living room rather than in our guest room. I don't get it, and I clearly cleaned for nothing, but there you go! Also, we are getting up at the crazck of dawn to do the Walk Against Alzheimer's tomorrow, so we should go to sleep for realsies!

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