3 Things I Love Today- Mitt and Lucille, Calls with TP, Nights with Grads

by - Saturday, September 22, 2012

 1. the Lucille and Mitt tumblr (http://lucilleandmitt.tumblr.com/) - they take Mitt Romney quotes and put them on top of Lucille Bluth gifs and images. It's that simple, and that hilarious. I am sure this reveals all sorts of things about me, especially because I imagine a certain kind of person enjoys Lucille Bluth and Arrested Development. But if you enjoy the show (and seriously, if you haven't netflixed it yet you are missing out) you probably enjoy anti-Romney humor. All the same, my new favorite (poor McKayla). Rich people do say the darndest things.
 2. Long conversations with my brother on the phone- I really like him, and that feels like a big deal all its own. But my brother is a hoot, has well-developed opinions on the season premiere of Parks and Rec (bleh), and becomes more and more the peacemaker as I get ornerier. He makes me smile.
 3. Not having to spend every day with tools anymore- I complain about where I am now, but man I am glad to not be incoursework anymore. Grad students really can be the worst people in the world, myself included.

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