3 Things I Love Today- Liam Baby, Liam Baby's faces, and Zune Music

by - Sunday, September 16, 2012

1. When life moves fast, in a good way- Doesn't May feel so long ago? This summer just rushed by, but I think life couldn't be better with babies and remissions and such. So happy!

2. This face- this baby is so chatty and expressive. Plus he always looks like he is thinking so hard! So fun to get to spend so much of the day with him (without having so much else going on). Plus, he is super super cuddly.
3. "Call Your Girlfriend" Robin, "My Body" Young the Giant, "TKO" Le Tigre, "Some Nights" by Fun, "Shake it Out" Florence and the Machine, "Love for Sale" Talking Heads, "Ain't Misbehavin" Fats Waller, "She's Amazing" Team Dresch, "Awake My Soul" Mumford and Sons, "Albing Alp" Yeasayer, "Grow Old with Me" Postal Service, and "Cool Schmool" Bratmobile- All songs I can't stop playing on all the airplanes I've been stuck on.

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