3 Things I Love Today- Frankenstein Cakes, Disposable Cameras, and Matt Paxton

by - Monday, September 10, 2012

from www.randomtuesdays.com/frankensteins-monster-cake/
1. This cake- I will figure out how to make this cake if we go home for Halloween. I love it!!! Bonus points to them for the bolts on the side. That is thorough.

 2. Our disposable camera pictures- Ok, I am willing to estimate about 50% of the pictures look like grey blobs. Thank goodness for digital cameras, because they really helped us all. Still, the ones that are left are just hilarious and it really made us feel like people had fun at our wedding! Thank goodness! Plus, its like every few days since the wedding, we have had another influx of pictures. It will be so sad when it is over!
 3. Matt Paxton, Extreme Cleaning Specialist- That guy takes no nonsense. He is always with the blonde lady with the scary eyes, but he is pretty damn awesome at his job.

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