3 Things I Love Today- Fall in PA, Amici's Pizza Crust, and Jon Stewart Dreamy Freshness

by - Sunday, September 23, 2012

1. Fall in Pennsylvania- This beautiful picture was taken yesterday by Stephen West of West PA Magazine from the Belmar Bridge. I wish I was home to see the leaves change! I don't know how people live without the big color change.
2. Amici's Pizza Crust- second to Leonardo's, but that is about it. Super floury- but in a good way. My favorite of their pizzas is the Siciliano, which has roasted garlic, sausage, and broccoli on it.

from www.dailymail.co.uk
3. Jon Stewart's Acceptance Speech- From getting into the fighting bit he is apparently too old for, to very sincerely and graciously praising the other nominees (in a night where things were predictable and emotionally contrived), to pointing out just how predictable these awards have gotten (YES), a tenth time winner somehow came off as one of the freshest moments in the whole night. All in all, I would give the Emmy's maybe a D, Julia Louis Dreyfuss's speech a B+ (because I am bitter Amy Poehler didn't win), the Modern Family repeats was a whole lot of awkward (I really thought it was Sophia Vergara's night) so maybe a C. Not a great night for television, all being said, but Stewart still made me laugh out loud.

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