3 Things I Love Today- Eleanor Antin, St Louis Metrolink, and Moonrise Hotelf

by - Thursday, September 13, 2012

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1. Eleanor Antin's reading of Conversations with Stalin- She blew my mind and broke my heart. I have never seen an artist with so much success and prestige being that open and honest and heartbreaking. It's just the kind of thing they generally avoid, because they have to maintain a mystique. Antin was incredibly smart and funny, politically-minded, and heartwrenching at once. She told stories from her childhood, a story about her sister, a story where she perceives she was going to be kidnapped, a story (that she told in tears) about turning down a black family to stay at her family's hotel as a kid in the 50's. She also handled the question session with humble self-conciousness and intelligence. Man, I really loved the talk! I have never enjoyed an artist talk as much, Shirin Neshat comes the closest. And I left wanting to write a million things about her and just to think about her. Which, for the first time in maybe 2 months, makes me feel like maybe I am not making a horrible mistake with my life. Just this could be like 100 different things I love today, and it makes me excited to see how the rest of the symposium goes.

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 2. St. Louis Metrolink system this was my first time with it, but it was easy and efficient and cheap. All together, a pretty big win. Will let you know if I still love it as much by the end of the trip, but as of right now I am always a fan of any urban area that offers good public transportation- it should be a requirement for all cities!

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3. Room service at the Moonrise Hotel- first time I ever got room service in my life, and it was pretty good and not too expensive! I keep debating whether to order more, because I am in that weird super long travel day feeling (especially when you change time zones) where you are constantly looking for food but your aren't really hungry. I think it is an energy thing.

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