3 Things I Love Today- Dianne Wiest, Raspberry Popsicles, and our New Fancypants Buffet!

by - Sunday, September 23, 2012

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1. Dianne Wiest in Woody Allen movies- I know she doesn't have the reputation for being one of his greatest muses or anything, but she is fantastic in Hannah and her Sisters. I watched Radio Days tonight (maybe my second favorite Woody Allen movie now), and she is just so good yet again. I mean I can name about ten other things I love her in, and I think because of the kind of veneer of sweetness, she is generally an underated actress, but she just radiates a strength and intelligence in her performances (think Edward Scissorhands). A great example of femininity being successful and strong on its own terms. Can you tell I love her? 
2. Raspberry popsicles- a popsicle maker has now become the big surprise success wedding present. I could eat a raspberry popsicle literally every day for the rest of my life.
from www.potterybarn.com/products/benchwright-buffet/

3. Buying a buffet- this is the biggest purchase we have made as adults, so it was pretty exciting. The Boy has agreed to stay in our super cheap apartment if we can get more kitchen storage (and therefore counter space), so this became the number one priority. So rather than paying an extra 4000 dollars a year in rent (that is not playful exageration... that is the truth) we are putting some chunk of that money toward furniture we can hopefully use forever. I am also happy that rather than scale up, we are figuring out how to best manage our small space. Sizing up is greatly overrated, and we have the rest of our lives to have more space than we can manage. Anyway, our (ok, his) new army of kitchen gadgets has found a home, and our apartment is about to have one more piece of furniture that we actually picked out instead of inherited! So, that's grown up I guess.

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