3 Things I Love Today- Cocaine for Dandruff, Purpke Dahlias, and Acting like a Child with Famous People

by - Sunday, September 09, 2012

from www.southboroughhistory.org/

1. This poster- one of my classmates from school posted this on facebook today. I finally know the answer to all of my hair problems!

2. Purple dahlias- dahlias are moving up the list of my favorite flowers ever. They are just such a beautiful color!

3. This picture- I just got my professors documentary materials from our reperformance of American Moon back in February. I love this picture of me, just hanging out on a swing, chilling with Robert Whitman. Life is odd, but every so often it is also pretty amazing. Alright, now that I have reflected on how awesome American Moon was, I have to go finish my not so awesome picture about it.

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