100 Things I Love Wedding Week Part 4- Everything Else

by - Saturday, September 22, 2012

76. McDonald's French Fries-  Those fries were hard earned! We stopped at McDonald's right after the wedding, and it was pretty much awesome.

77. Our flowers- Man, they were pretty! Sad that I couldn't really preserve them or bring them with me to California, but JPC did an awesome job, and it was cool to wake up the morning after the wedding and see just how pretty the bouquet looked. It was like it was saying "yep, that was all real."

78. The food at our brunch- Ooooh Bundt cakes. How I love you. I also loved that my cousins and Nana made the giant fruit salad in a cooler. Hilarious. 

79. Leftover flowers- there were so many flowers left over after the wedding and they used them to decorate the brunch. They looked so pretty!

80. Having people at Alfeo's house! There is something very cool and special about having people who wouldn't usually be in that house hanging out there. That was probably my favorite thing about the brunch.  

81. The dress my Mom got me for the brunch- it was so cute! This is the only picture we got with it. I like the polka dots a lot and it just looks so festive! Thanks Mumma!

82. Truces- life is odd. This may be one of my favorite pictures from the whole shebang.

 83. The Tennessee cousins! The Boy got to spend more time with his cousins the night before the wedding while their moms filled canolis, but we both felt like we didn't get to spend enough time with them at the wedding. They ended up having a tough travel day back, and I think we both really wish we could have done something to help and really appreciated what they went through to be with us for our wedding!

84. This picture- I have no idea what is going on here! I have to say, now that I am writing this way late, that one of the weird pleasures is how well everyone gets along with my husband. Like, he has an independent friendship with more than half of my bridesmaids, but this friendship might be my favorite. They are hilarious together! And on that note...

85. Seeing people I love love on each other! I can only describe some of the emotions I have gone through after the wedding as jealousy, because I was jealous of the good times everyone was having around me- they had time to spend quality time together! But it has been more and more of a treat to hear the compliments people lay on each other. Having Shelly and Melissa bond so much was huge. Seeing people have fun and just good conversations together is a testament to our friends. And I am glad they get to see how fantastic these other people in my life are, because I think they are fantastic too!

86.This. Weirdest/ most awesome brother-in-law pair in the world. Just adorable.

87. Just hanging out with the family- more specifically, that they are officially my family now! I am really happy/ excited to be my neice and nephew's official aunt and Carlo, Pam, and Elizabeth's official sister!
88. Listening to the Boy play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to everyone- he still doesn't know all of the words.

89.  Finding this the next afternoon! Joining the Writing Center was one of the best decisions of my life ever.

 90. How much faster undecorating is than decorating- I expected myself to feel sad, but instead I think I still felt overwhelmed by the number of people who came just to help us clean up! Especially, my Aunt Becky and Uncle David. It's the least fun part of weddinging, but we had a perfectly fine time and it went fast, and the Boy's cousin Matt didn't fall to his death, so it was definitely a win all in all.

91. Finally getting a chance to sit at our computers and see all of the stuff people had already put up on Facebook- we even got to change our relationship status. It was nice that coming down from the sort of frantic excitement


92. The thoughtfulness of the gifts people gave us- we got some very neat stuff! It was fun to open gifts with our family around, but I really wish that my Mom could have been there.

93. We got another quilt! My old friend Sally's family are also Nick's old travel buddies, and their mom Patty made us this amazing picnic basket with placemats and napkins and a quilt inside. It is so beautiful! Very cool present.

94.  A boring day with the kids- Aubrey is soooo cute now, and just laying around on the couch watching her play with her momma was just the thing we all needed.

95.  Shiley family get togethers- It was nice to get to see everyone one more time before we had to go. I wish we had been able to see everyone a little more before we left, but we just didn't give ourselves enough time.

96. Our anniversary cake! Ok, so we may have eaten our 1 year anniversary cake 2 days after the wedding, but I am willing to bet it is a lot more delicious that way, and this way we got to share it with everyone. JPC is the last thing I have to write about, and the difficulty there is that they did so much for us that is hard to sum it all up! But I am glad we got to try the chocolate cake, and I really thought it was so good.

97. Aubrey drinking water- she is a hoot! I also really love Pam's face in this picture.

98. That we didn't go on a honeymoon right away- I am sure it is the right choice for some people, especially people who use vacations to relax (as opposed to explore) but I think we really needed to just go lay on our couch for like 3 straight days. It is also really nice to have another big thing to look forward to, because I need to apply my planning energy to something new!

99. That there is a Quaker Steak and Lube in the Pittsburgh Airport- Leaving early in the morning from that airport is a fool's game! You can't get wings or milkshakes! Our post-wedding diet was pretty awesome, but I am actually kind of proud that neither of us really jumped off the ledge like we had talked about doing.  Now that we are trying to get back to being healthy, I think we are glad we don't have too far to go.

100. That so far, being married is a whole lot like living together, except that people always ask you how married life is. I have enjoyed it, but mostly just like I always enjoy having the Boy around. It hasn't been earth shaking, thus far, but in a good way.

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