Wedding Wednesday- Trying to Make a Seating Plan (with alterior, match-making motives)

by - Wednesday, August 08, 2012

This week's big mission (other than trying to figure out what the hell one packs to go home for their wedding) is to do the seating chart. We haven't finished yet, though we have managed at least one really fun set up, though of course we will have to wait to see how that goes. Basically, the Boy has completely taken over the task, and I make myself available to answer questions as he raises them.

We decided that we should do a seating chart not because of the formality of it, but basically to try to put people we can count on to be chatty with strangers in the thick of things. You can let people seat themselves, and in some cases that might be perfectly fine, but it can also feel like a middle school cafeteria if you don't know many people. It's another one of those things, where I think if the host is a little more high strung, the guest can actually be relaxed. Plus, we don't have extra chairs to go around!

Apparently the cutesy elves on Etsy do this whole post-it note thing. This is a LOT for us, and in general, excel has worked perfectly. I categorized people, the Boy made a second excel sheet for the table setup (micro and macro). He split them into tables in one night on one spreadsheet, and now tonight we are working each table out as independent units. I'll let you know how it goes. I keep thinking I will blog about wedding stuff more, because it's close and I could if I wanted to, but honestly, how much else is there to say? Especially with the Olympics on! But I will try to talk more about our strategies once I know whether they will actually be successful.

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  1. We can make the seating part a lot easier (sans post-its and paper cuts)! Check out :)