Wedding Wednesday- It's AUGUST!!!!! What to Do, What to Do?

by - Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ok, so now that it is the month of the wedding, you will have to forgive non-Wednesday wedding posts. I'll try to keep it to a minimum, but once I go home, all bets are off. These are the things we are going to try to get done before I get on the plane:

1. Pick up my dress! Actually, it still has a few alterations that need done too for the hem. And I just saw a picture of the dress on another bride, so now I really have a good idea of what needs done. Also need to remind the bridesmaids to all get their dresses fitted!
2. Pick the Father/Daughter Dance song- Yes, this still isn't done yet. Finish putting our song choices on
3. Finish bugging the people who haven't given us an RSVP- we have heard from a lot of people, but we still have 15 or so people who are question marks.
4. Revise day of timeline and the task lists. Try to make individual ones for different groups of people (bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, grandparents, etc).


5. Get final beauty appointments. Time to get nails done!
6. Finish the photo wall.
7. Figure out how we are going to do first look pictures! This one really needs done before all the timeline stuff.
8. Write Thank You's for the wedding party and parental units. Finish buying gifts for them.
9. Keep up with white strips and practicing doing makeup!
10. Insurance
11. Doing the paperwork to change my Name (if I am changing it... is everyone this indecisive about this? I really have change. This whole thing seems like a pain in the butt).
12. Pay people! We want as many of the bills totally finished off before we come home as possible.
13. Make appointment with DJ.
14. Give vendors final head count.
15. Confirm final details for vendors (all of them! This is a huge one)

16. Make our seating chart! Work out the layout of the room.
17. Finish our crafting we can do here.

24 days to go!

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