Wedding Wednesday- The Dress is in the House!

by - Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Today, I had my last dress fitting at Epiphany Bridal in Carmel by the Bay (they are awesome, but I will probably write a separate blog on that later); now, the dress is in the house. And it fits me just fine. And it looks very pretty in the bag and I keep wanting to get it out and show the boy, because he is the only person around who I could show!

 My thoughts on dress fittings are pretty simple- who cares if the person fitting the dress doesn't like you? Almost everything you have to tell them will sound like a complaint in your head. You are asking for more of their time and their labor, so you should be gracious, really listen to them (because they do probably know more about dress-fitting than you), and be openly thankful for their efforts. But you should also say every little thing that pops in your head and may turn into a real complaint later. Because it will grow like a weed. And they will be on to the next fitting, and you will still be mentally torturing yourself. So just say it. They won't care. Seriously, even if they are sassy, they are used to it.  I found every time I would feel rude suggesting something needed to change, but now that it is done, I am so glad I did!

My only other big piece of advice on this is don't buy a dress from someone who skeeves you out. Randy Fenoli would hate this, but dresses are a dime a dozen. The one you love is elsewhere, I promise you. Don't buy a dress from someone you wouldnt trust to tear it up and put it back together again, because that is what they are going to do. 

Also, bring your shoes! that part really does end up mattering. This is pretty much all I have learned from this particular experience, which I generally found very pleasant and not particularly remarkable. I am very excited/ freaked out to have the dress in the house, because it means we are so close to the wedding! 2 weeks! 17 days!

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