3 Things I Love Yesterday

by - Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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1. The discourse on Ann Romney's speech this morning- I find it very bizarre that her speech has garnered so much attention, but the mixed reviews are especially confusing. Either she redeemed herself after being wildly unlikable the majority of the campaign thus far, or she alienated even more of the moderate voters. Never has publicly declaring one's own husband a sweetheart been more contentious. I am not sure where the truth is in all of it yet, but it is a pretty interesting set of dynamics in play there.

2.Pictures from the photo booth- I love them!!! My biggest regret is that I didn't do more of them, especially ones with my cousins, but it is so fun to see the pictures that everyone came up with.

3. The Penn State Bowl! We went to make Watermelon Granitas last night (I will let you know how it came out), and the Boy noticed that the bowl had a crack in it! This bowl was the only one I had for probably the first 3 years of living on my own, I made waffle batter in it everyday, and now it is mostly used or defrosting. Now it has eaten the dust. So sad!

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