3 Things I Love Today

by - Wednesday, August 08, 2012

1. This! 17 days!
2. The Boy's reaction to Toilet Paper Commercials with Bears- Nothing disgusts him more than animated bears schlepping for toilet paper. I am not sure why, but I love it. Not the bears, which are stupid and entirely unrelated to the issue at hand, but I think there must be so much of a stigma against the actual function of toilet paper that advertising them must be nearly impossible.  I guess you can't advertise with a family made of shit.

3. The Total Weirdness of Downtown Carmel by the Sea- this downtown is quaint rich person heaven. Its a cute little downtown where the hometown shops are things like Tiffany's, and I couldn't find a sandwich for less than 12 dollars. It has 2 connotations to me- it's where my wedding dress is from, and it is where Clint Eastwood lives. That's about it.  But walking through it today made all the fake little Silicon Valley downtowns look like ghettos. Just bizarre.

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