3 Things I Love Today

by - Tuesday, August 07, 2012

1. Having a fiance who will work out the whole seating chart by himself, only asking me some questions, mostly taking my advice. I've seen this part cause drama, but this was one of the most low key nights of weddinging ever, so kudos to him for taking on 99% of that frustration while I worked on my lecture for tomorrow.

from www.theguardian.com
2. Kirani James- The seriously fabulous runner who won the first Olympic medal (it was a gold!) for the country of Grenada. Not only did he destroy everyone else in the race, he was seriously the definition of good sportsman, shaking hands warmly with every competitor. Last night in the preliminaries he traded numbers with the runner who had prosthetic legs. Just so much respect and kindness out of one person. I have seen some athletes in this competition who could learn from this guy!
from collection.fraclorraine.org/collection/print/469?lang=en

3. Martha Rosler- One of the best. Today's key inspiration!

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