3 Things I Love Today

by - Sunday, August 05, 2012

1.Having cell service- One of those things you appreciate once you don't have it! Today, we all headed to Muir woods so the Boy's friend Jim could see some Redwoods. Apparently everyone else ever also had the same idea, so it was insane there. We could find a parking spot less than a mile and a half from the park (we searched the three of us for at least 45 minutes). So I dropped the boys off and did rounds for another hour to find a spot. Their instructions were to just find the car/me after their hike, since no one had service. Instead, they took some side path and got lost for three hours. Luckily the Boy had service long enough to send me a text to say they werent dead, which I got an hour and a half in when i randomly got service on a boredom walk. He then called me like 40 minutes later to say they were really lost. I moved the car closer (we got there at 3, and I was finally in the loop around 6), then found a map to help them figure out where they were, then went on another pursuit of cell service.We finally caught up with each other at 630. How I miss cell phones when I need them and don't have them!
2. Cotton candy- Delicious and horrible for you. LOVE.

3. Flowers with Julie- Nothing like altar guild to kick off your weekend. Also orange marigolds, purple dahlias, and sunflowers shouldn't work, but they are just heaven. Those dahlias were seriously the best. Yay August at California Farmers Markets!

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