3 Things I Love Today

by - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

from capoteweb.com/truman-capote-and-harper-lee/
1. This picture- I was going to write about the movie Capote, which I finished 2 nights ago and though I didn't love it all, I really enjoyed the ambiguity of the writer's position and ethics in the film. Also, it has one of the most striking and just hard death scenes in any movie ever. And not in a sentimental way, but first in lingering on the physical realities of death by hanging (boy, that hard breathing), and secondly in wholeheartedly offering and refusing resolution. So when I went to find a picture of Philip Seymor Hoffman all Capote'd up, I found this gem of a picture of the writer with his friend Harper Lee instead. Just amazing. Such a bizarre and perfect photograph.

2.This child- today, he learned how to wrap presents with me. Specifically, how to scotch tape things. He also inspected every present. He just likes helping and is, without a doubt, my favorite 4 (almost 5!) year old in the entire world.
3. Getting a lot done today- Sure, the list tomorrow is getting longer and longer, but we are still taking steps. So, progress is progress, and hopefully by the time my Mom and the Boy get here, we will have the vast majority totally done.

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