3 Things I Love Today

by - Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1. This is the most important- Aunt Ann's CA-125 number is 37!!!! Down to 35, they count it as normal. The goal is for her to get down to 0, but they said that 8 is probably optimal. We are so grateful that her health keeps improving and her spirit is so high! It was a special blessing to hear about it at my grandparents house and to see them hear the news. Just a huge step.

2. Anchor Village- it's pretty, and it looks really nice in photographs.

3.  Nana's giant bag of corn- she is making us our bags for cornhole, and I am pumped about it. I think it will be a highlight from the wedding.

 4. Snickerdoodle cookies! Never in my whole life do I remember trying one of these cookies, but my Nana made some for me and when I visited her today they were AMAZING!!!! Seriously, eating this cookie was one of my favorite things thathappened all day.  God Bless Nana and her cookies, because she literally blew my mind today. I am not sure what I was doing with the first 26 years of my life.

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