100 Things I Love This Week Part 2- Decorating and Rehearsing

by - Wednesday, August 29, 2012

26. Tall Ladders- Essential to any good wedding. Also, pretty treacherous, since one of the valiant members of ladder team two was actually shocked by lights! Still, I am positive that the key to our wedding's success was those ladders.

27. Liam as a helper- Shell and Micah brought the baby with them, which provided lots of extra cuteness (and he is such a good baby). My Nana was all over watching him, and you could tell she was genuinely having a good time. 

28. The photo wall- Natalie and my Dad were all over it, and it really looked great. Here is Natalie trying to figure out how to cover up the wire with ribbon. It is very nice to have an artist as a cousin on days like that one! 

29. Big Rock Tissue Mountain- Jenny was fluffing all day, and before these bad boys went up, you couldn't even see her. Those are her feet at the bottom. Jenny's feet alone make this picture amazing. 

30. Anchor Village's lattices- Ok, I am lying. Those things are fugly, but they do cover up uglier things and we did get to use them in a pretty cute way. If you are having your reception at Anchor Village, bring white paint with you! And probably power tools, because those things are falling apart.
31. The giant bug living on the junk that the last group left on the lattices. So Gross. It's when you are pulling off your 3rd or 4th grasshopper you start really doubting your decision- but it all turned out, so now their memory is endearing.

32. Sweet Basil Pizza- Sweet Basil took over the old Pizza Hut in Marian, and that is where my Mom went to get food for everyone on Friday. The pizza was all so amazing. If you are taking the drive between Eastern PA and Franklin, I would highly recommend this place. Hit the spot.She got a ton of pizza and we pretty much finished it.

33. That Jim McGee showed up as we were cleaning up and getting ready to go. Now that is some good timing. He did move one table and pretend to put up one flower, so that is some quality groomsmenning.

34. This picture of the Boy and Carlo as kids. Specifically, that they are wearing sweatsuit outfits and putting hands on each others thighs. Mrs. Alfeo swears that she was sick that day, so she takes no responsibility for it.

35.  The Dance floor ceiling! My Dad figured out how to put it up, and it really did look amazing and beautiful. As each puff and lantern went up, I just got more excited about how it looked.

36. The Congradulations sign- Courtesy of my Sister-in-laws. We are an odd group, but this cracks me up!


37. Having my brother with me- You can't do anything this big without your sibling. Mine is the best! He had about 48 hours in Franklin to be there for all of our wedding stuff (he had to leave LA while training for a new job and moving into a new apartment) and I couldn't have appreciated it more. Plus, I thought his rehearsal outfit was pretty sharp.

38. This bridesmaid/groomsmen combo. We had a lot of short girls and tall guys, but this is my favorite/ most dramatic combination!

39. The rehearsal bouquet from my Aunt Ann- She couldn't come in the end, but she got me a small bouquet for the rehearsal as a surprise, which was just so sweet. It was a nice way to feel like she was with me and thinking of me because I was definitely thinking of her and wishing she could be there with us! I missed her so much, but she was so sweet and thoughtful toward me, even from a distance. Also, the bouquet was really pretty. 

40. Ok, I wasn't thinking ahead so I didn't take a good picture of the food, but AmaZing Food Catering did an awesome job, and I was especially obsessed with the tortellini which were green and had cheese and were freaking amazing. Shame on me for saying we should just do pizza, because I will be thinking of that tortellini for the rest of my life. Maybe I just loved the carbs after lunch, but I was really excited about the food (and I wasn't the only one who came back for seconds!).

41. This Picture- These two are my family and my home and it made me so happy to see them hanging out and being together! Love them so much! Also, my brother is another sucker for babies, so that was cute too!

42. Black light bowling- Nothing says the solemnity of marital commitment like Pam's whole body glowing under the lights while we all bowled.  If you are trying to think of a good pre-wedding activity, I would recommend bowling, though I think I might tell the bride and groom to not commit to actually bowling.

43.  Seeing old friends who I haven't seen for a while- Even better, seeing them bowl and interact with other people from the past. One of the most fun parts of wedding festivities.

44. The church dress/ bowling shoe combo- this look is going to blow up. They looked even more amazing glowing in the black light.

45.  This picture- just another good one. I love their dance together!

46.  That Zach broke a bowling ball- That's power. He actually put a huge dent in the ball. He seemed pretty proud of it too!

47. The Old Timey phones in D'Casa B& B- we tried them all. They were pretty amazing. The whole B& B has new ownership and they redid the kitchen. It turned out to be a great home base through wedding festivities, and we liked playing with all the old stuff in there! The hour after bowling we ran around a bunch and I think got out some energy playing and exploring the space. It was so fun!

48. D'Casa B and B's kitchen- It looks like a kitchen in a magazine. I am not sure I have ever been in such a fancypants kitchen before in my life. We were really impressed by it!

49.  Late night conversations with these people- such a fun night!

50. Waking up to my Dad playing the "It's your wedding day" polka on his tuba- the perfect way to get up. 

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  1. Hi!! I'm getting married at anchor village and wanted to ask you a few questions, since you were one of the ONLY weddings I saw photo's of that I liked!!!
    We are DIYing THE CRAP out of this wedding and are excited and nervous!

    Email: Devinrw@gmail.com