Wedding Wednesday- What we Got Done at Home/ What is Left to Do in July

by - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So we were home for 4th of July and we did a lot of wedding stuff. A LOT. I had kind of hoped we would keep it to a quiet minimum, because I am sure we are on everybody's nerves by now, but alas there were ribbons to tie and cake to taste (!!!) so wedding stuff played into pretty much everyday there. The Boy's family is riciulously good at coming together for crafting, and there are usually so many people around that it goes pretty fast. The  top picture is tying ribbon to the seating cards and cookie boxes. Then we made more tissue paper flowers. A LOT of tissue paper flowers. This is a wedding of cutesy excess.

 The Moffitts also got in the spirit and they tied all the ribbons to bells! If you enjoy your bell at the wedding, be sure to thank my Uncle John.

My Nana and Poppop also came with the Boy and I to our cake tasting at JPC Events. I should have remembered to take pictures while we were there, but I was too wrapped up in the cake! My Aunt Ann told us that the best part of wedding planning was the cake tasting, and she was spot on. All of the cake was awesome and it just made me so excited for the wedding, because as a newly married lady all I am eating is cake! We also started to work out the flower issues with the caterer and put pretty much everything else into place.

We had some long discussions about the timeline for the day and exactly what was needed for the bar. But most importantly, the boys got to play with legos. They love those legos! Wait til you see the finished product. 

My Dad and I also went on a search for games for the cocktail hour and he offered to take over the planning of the lighting of the dance floor which is such a relief! It is so nice because I know he knows what he is doing and I can just trust him to make it completely awesome. As long as we can find him an assistant who doesn't mind ladders!

So, what we need to get done in the rest of July- 
 I had a dress fitting already when I got back- things look good and only 1 more to go! Eeeep!!
Get back all the RSVP's.
Figure out how to do my makeup and what all I need to buy
Make the official cookie list. 
Finish choosing the music for the reception.
Finish the programs, print, and ribbon them. 
Order the practical supplies (zipties, electical tape, extension cords, etc). 
Talk to the DJ!
Schedule a haircut
Email the photographers to try to figure out the new picture problem
Stay cool!
And most importantly, Make a list of all the tasks for decorating Friday and try to talk people into coming to help. I am so worried we won't have enough people and we won't get everything done! If you aren't busy on Friday and would like to help, we would LOVE to have you there!

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