Wedding Wednesday (On Saturday)- Damn You Stone Skippers!!

by - Saturday, July 07, 2012

Today we realized, thanks to the City of Franklin's posting on facebook, that the annual stone skipping contest is the same day as our wedding. At first I thought,  "oh that's nice, yay cute city festivals." then I realized that it is in the same park where we were planning to have our first look pictures! Oh the horror! Ok, jokes aside, this really is sad! I was extremely excited to see each other the first time there, because that park is where we had our first date as a couple (almost exactly 9 years before our wedding date). We sat on the swings in the park and just talked for a long time until we had to walk back to my house. We have celebrated at least 3 anniversaries there since then.

(This picture is from one of them, with Gnomey and Fishie!) I know this seems like a superficial thing to worry about, but it really does make me sad. It is good to have that reminder that things don't always pan out the way you plan them, and it is REALLY good that we found out now, but now we have to think of something else. I am sad because we have to think of something attractive and hopefully at least somehow related to the wedding, relationship, day in some natural way. I mean, we can find some other random good looking place, but it will be a pretty superficial connection between the day and the place, and that sucks!

This is like year 2 of the stone skipping festival, which has gotten considerably larger. The Boy thought we could just go anyway, since it isn't too epically big, but then a bunch of strangers would stare at us through the whole thing, so we will probably have to think of something else. Damn stone skipping! Shell thought we could take them in my Dad's back yard instead, so maybe we will do that. Blergy! If anyone has any thoughts of pretty places in Franklin where we could take pictures, let me know! 

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