Wedding Wednesday- Made-up?

by - Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I haven't done many big things this week for the wedding (we have definitely hit the phase where it is a lot of little things, but you never have really big stuff going on anymore). One thing I did was go to the make-up counter at Macy's one afternoon and asked one of the girls working there to do my make-up and teach me what she was doing as she went through it. I have never been a big makeup person- I wear it whenever I go out, but this is my basic program. Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, foundation, blush, one of those Almay eyeshadow kits, and mascara. I feel like a bit of a hussy when I have tried wearing make-up on my lips, and I have never really gotten the hang of eye-liner. 

My original plan was to get my make-up done by a professional for the wedding, because then I don't have to worry about it. Shelly got her makeup done like that before her wedding, and she looked so amazing! Pretty quickly, it became clear that Franklin is just too small to have that option available, so I was going to have to figure something else out. My friend Jenny offered to help me (and trust me, at the very least I will be taking her up on that when it comes to eyeliner), but it became clear I needed to get some legit makeup and learn how to use it. Hence, the trip to Macy's.

This whole thing is a lot like the hair, in that I resent that I have to think about it at all, but I know that if I don't at least participate on a low level I will be frustrated with how I look in pictures and such later. Lots of bridal-y places highly recommend that you turn up the volume on your makeup at least a little bit for your wedding so it lasts all day and shows in your pictures. 

So, alas, I spent nearly 3 hours in Macy's with Laura, getting tips and watching her deal with a large number of very crabby older women. Apparently, that is who regularly hangs out at makeup counters (I always wondered that). She taught me all sorts of things I didn't know- did you know you are supposed to do your eye makeup first so you can clean up what ends up in your under-eye? or that you are supposed to have like 7 colors going on? Ok, this is the closest to the drawing i made from her (yes, I took notes!).

The most exciting thing I learned from her was how to do a cat eye.  The one on the right is too thick for me, but I like the style. I have very small, squinty eyes, which are also pretty close-set. I asked her what I should do to make my eyes look more open and wide set, and the cat-eye is what she suggested. She may have gone a little overboard when she did it, but all in all, i really like the style! Of course, now that I am practicing I can't pull it off on my own, so hopefully Jenny or one of my other bridesmaids can help me with that. But still- so cute! And vaguely retro, which is a running theme with all of the wedding stuff.

She also picked a lipstick I actually liked and taught me how to use bronzer. These probably should not be hugely epic events in a 26 year old woman's life, but it's good to know. Especially because I think we can all agree, that sunkissed is not a look I can pull off naturally. 

Lastly, I learned that makeup is really freaking expensive! The girl was the bomb and gave me a lot of stuff as samples. Also, someone gave me a Macy's gift card for my shower, and if that was you THANK YOU. You bought my wedding makeup. You also made me feel alright about my life decisions. It kind of makes you understand why the old ladies at the makeup counter are all so crabby and rude. 

But I thought I looked pretty! That was kind of cool. I am not the kind to often feel pretty or even reflect on my prettiness. I find makeup mostly very boring because there isn't that much color, unlike clothes, where you can have lots of color and pattern and the like. But it was nice to feel pretty. Of course, get a good look people, because I can't (nor do I want to) spend 3 hours on the day perfecting my makeup. Still, it felt like a big step in the right direction, and kind of a very grown up thing to do!

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