Wedding Wednesday- Getting Sentimental

by - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This is the very first journal entry where I mentioned the boy on September 14th, 2002:

"The football game was so much fun! I absolutely love my section this year! All of the trumpets are so cool! N A especially. He and I have a good time. He says the trumpets are the heart of the band and he and I are the heart of the trumpets, hence we are the heart of the band!"

And another gem from January 14th, 2003:

"Had a pep band game. Didn't get to flirt with Nick as much as usual because he was writing Mindy a sonnet. Do I have a crush on him? Probably, but I probably won't ever do anything about it. But who knows? If this journal's taught me one thing, it's that only time can tell."

And a mere 8 months later we were officially dating. And a mere 9 years after that we are getting married. Speed Demons.

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