Dissertation Update- Oh yes, Those!

by - Thursday, July 26, 2012

I have been working on it! I swear! This summer I have been waiting to hear back from my adviser on my draft. While that has been on pause, I have been taking a seminar on writing dissertations from my department which has made a huge difference in how I see this whole project. It makes it feel less insurmountable to see what my peers are doing and read some finished dissertations. I had o write a short summation of what I am doing, and their feedback on it was so helpful. Now I need to apply that advice to my proposal before I turn it in to everyone.

This week I am primarily focusing on a paper about our reperformance of American Moon I am presenting in St Louis, but I still don't have it entirely worked out. I need to get to it, because I am just not sure how to theoretically pull it together

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