5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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1. RRose Selavy- Just been obsessing about Duchamp's alter ego this week. I love the picture on the left.

2. Franklin's Penny Carnival- I will say that this year seemed busier with fewer games, but the penny carnival is a total hoot, and one of the only places in the world where you still get to do anything for only a penny. Aubrey mostly did not get on board for the whole thing. But in a cute way. The penny carnival also has a petting zoo, bouncey castle, and firetruck rides. None of us have ever done the firetruck ride because the line is so long and the whole thing only lasts for like 2 hours. But the petting zoo is very cute and I could watch my niece and nephew play the games forever. Just another of those great little Franklin things.

3. Listening to Bully Hill Brass by the river on the 4th of July- I feel like this is exactly how the forefathers meant for this holiday to be celebrated. Nothing else even feels like the 4th anymore. It was a less busy this year, presumably because it was on a wednesday, but I still was happy sitting listening to them play!

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4. The line for line, shot for shot similarity between the wedding scenes in It Happened One Night and Heartbreaker. I think they even put the dads in the same outfit! Heartbreaker was super cute, but just a formulaic romantic comedy- so formulaic, in fact, that it really echoed It Happened One Night (which pretty much sets the arc of any romantic comedy) the whole way through. But once we got to the climax, it was so clearly quoting it! I should probably chide them for a lack of originality, but if you are going to do a last minute wedding run-off, you aren't going to get fresh, so you better go classic.

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5. This woman in this jellyfish costume- No one pulls off jellyfish as well as this lady does. I love it.

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