5 Things I Love this Week

by - Thursday, July 05, 2012

1. The cow wallpaper at the Pittsburgh Airport- not as signature as the giant dinosaur, but have to love a city that greets you with neon cows. Plus, it is such a weird juxtaposition with the truly hideous 80's architecture around it. Just a bizarre airport (george washington, mr rogers, and the Steelers all share the space) and that is why I love it.
2. Visa's Olympic commercials- man, i am a sucker for these. I generally hate sports and nationalism used to sell products, but somehow when you put it all together in one event I can't get enough. I can say, even withh a certain amount of shame that after watching the one with Derek Redmond, I told The Boy that there is something amazing about where we live. And I meant it! Damn their manipulation of my super dorky empathy! Ah well, that shit is touching.
3. Setting things on fire in my grandparents backyard- Did you know some families don't set anything on fire for the 4th? Is there another way to celebrate America than with wheelbarrow fires and an antique fire truck ride?
4. Vortman Vanilla Wafer Cookies- as is the case with anything super delicious, these cookies are horrible for you. But the Vortman ones have a much more vanilla-ey taste and a little bit of tang too. One day this week i just sat in Riverfront park and ate cherries and these cookies. I would highly recommend it.
5. Pam's new puppy- She is named Hera after the 1/2 cylon baby on Battlestar Gallactica. She is also 4 lbs of heaven. Super sweet and cuddly.

Things I Don't So Much Love-

Curtis Stone's Smug Face- I do not get his appeal, because to me he is at best terribly boring and at worst condescending and doushey. It's like what some old TV exec dude thinks women want to look at, but really really I don't need any more spikey (when is it? 98?) blond hair and nasty attitude. You have done nothing with your actual cooking career, so honestly I don't give a shiz about your opinion, either. Around the World in 80 Plates should have been amazing, but the best thing about it has been Hugh Acheson's blogs about it. The food hasn't been interesting, the drama is lackluster and stakeless because only two of the countestants have been edited to be anything other than boring or annoying. It is not Top Chef and Amazing Race. It is mostly nothing, and its hosts (yeah, I'm looking at you too Cat Cora) have been the absolute low point. Glad I got this off my chest, but seriously! The worst!

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