5 Things I Love This Week- Weekend Away Edition

by - Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1. Diggery Doos Falling out of People's Vans- This happened. Out of this van. And then the guy walked around the parking lot spirit dancing. Apparently all of the hippies they ran out of Silicon Valley landed further north, because their amazingness is everywhere up there.

 2. The Entrance to the Redwood Forests- This is not what you imagine when you think of National Forests. A Big beautiful beach. It was a good shock.

3. Fern Gully- We actually saw where they shot a lot of the Ewok stuff from the third Star Wars movies. And the rock from the Goonies. And where they shot a bunch of Jurassic Park 2. And the Boy felt we discovered Fern Gully. Apparently the Redwood Forests is like second Hollywood.
4. The world's largest crab cakes ever- Yes, this happened too. From the Trinidad Eatery in Trinidad. They were like the size of my face. We couldn't finish them. I literally had like one bite of my dinner. There was like a whole crab in each of them, and they were super delicious. 10 out of 10, except that we both felt major eating guilt afterwards.

5. Cows free roaming on the side of Highway 1- Yes, it is random, but we watched an illegal passer almost hit a cow. Then I honked my horn (I saved the cow's life!), and got them running, Red River style. Sadly, the cows did not trample the doushey passing person's car.

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