25 Reasons my Brother is Awesome for his 25th Birthday

by - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today is my younger brother's 25th birthday, so I am feeling pretty pumped about the amazingness which is him. Still, TP hates birthdays, so I have to keep the fussing to a minimum.  But one little list won't be too annoying, right? So, with that- the awesome badassery that is my brother:


1. He manages to balance a total lack of fear of adventure with a deep commitment to routine- I am not sure you  often find that combination in people, but TP has it in spades. 
2. He has an endless knowledge of movies and music, but he also has his own very specific taste that comes from what he genuinely likes and dislikes. He isn't posing for anybody, and he truly loves what he loves (and hates what he hates).
3. He is super funny. I am not sure what else needs to be added to that.

 4. He is awesome with little kids- when he was younger, my mom and I thought he was going to have like 12 children. He is like the pied piper with them. When he directed his first show (also awesome), the cast was mostly kids, and it was no surprise that he handled them really well. It's just a gift he has (though both of our parents LOVE little kids, so he comes by it honestly).
5. He is a french fry and waffle afficianado. Trust me, the guy knows where to find the best all-american food.
6. He is full of surprises. This is another way we are opposite. I am super predictable, but Thomas will really surprise you, because he is such a flexible dreamer. In that way, he is a lot more like our Mom than I am.
7. He is filled with energy! When we were kids, TP was always the one bouncing around. He jumped and jumped even when he watched tv. Now, rather than drive, he walks all over creation without even thinking about it. Pretty impressive considering he lives in LA where no one ever walks!

8.He is always growing. Some people stagnate, but I swear TP is always changing for the better. You can always see him working something new out or trying something new or just thoughtfully treating himself as a work in progress. I personally think that is cool. Sadly, he is also good at growing taller, which means I not only look up to him figuratively but very literally. Which also sets him up to give me noogies and messing up my hair!
9. He is usually up for some silliness- he doesn't mind jumping around and looking like a fool, or posing for a million pictures (sometimes with wax figures), or playing silly putt putt golf, or playing battleship in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve (even as a grown man). You have to love a person who doesn't take themselves too seriously, and that is part of what makes him so fun to be around.

10. He gives the best hugs! What is weirdest about this is how many old women who hang out at the Barrow really will attest to this. Old women love him.
11. He has no patience for Min-mei. It's a sign of being awesome, for sure.
12.  The Boy says Thomas is a great singer. He really likes his voice. On the other hand, the Boy likes Min-Mei, so I would take this praise with a big old grain of salt.

13. He picks things up really quickly. I can remember learning to dive out on the float at 2 Mile Park, and really having trouble making it happen. On the other hand, Thomas was nailing it on the 2nd try! He also, in my opinion, picked up saxophone better than I ever played, but it ended up not being his thing. I think part of it is that he just has the guts to go for things. But when Thomas decides he wants to learn something, he just can.
14.  He is genuinely good at what he does. Thomas is excellent at his craft, and I am not just saying that because he is my brother. When we went to his showcase at the end of his school career, he was notably one of the very best of the bunch. I never get sick of watching him work (though I do get sick of him being disturbed people... but whatev!)
15. He is the best at remembering to call- poor Thomas is so much better at calling than my mom and I that he is often the one that dials us up. But even better, he is great at calling our extended family- checking in with aunts and uncles and grandparents. He keeps up with people that way, and let's them know he is thinking of them. I wish this was a skill we shared!

16. He is a great friend- I know lots of people our age aren't great friends with their sibling, but we have become better friends the older we get. Thomas checks in with me most days just to see what i am up to and to check if I am ok. The other day when I was having a wedding spazzy moment, he could instantly identify what was actually bothering me and that I needed to take a break. It's good to have a friend like that. He has a kind and good heart- I know that this isn't always the highest or most notable praise, but to me, this is one of the most important things a person needs. The people he cares about he has a real soft spot for.
17. The other contribution from the Boy- his commitment to and collection of video games. I would second that. I remember him playing Sonic a lot when we were kids, and he was pretty dang good at it! Now he appreciates games of all kinds- I remember he went through a solid Myst phase too- and pays attention to all those little details that most people don't even appreciate.

18. He is a master sword fighter. No for real, that cute kid in the mushroom cut can kick your ass. In the course of his schooling, Thomas learned stage fighting, which I think has to be the coolest part of being an actor. Not so secretly, I want him to get in the door by being the guys on like Game of thrones swordfighting with the main guy. I just think that looks like a super fun job, and he really did love that aspect of school.
19. He is a good heckler- he has a lot of natural sass. Especially when it comes to things like Rod Stewart Jesus and movies they should have had on MST3K. If they ever do a reboot of that show, they need to call Thomas!

20. Sometimes, he looks like Jesus.
21.  He is a total original- Thomas not only has original taste, but he lives that originality. I see a lot of people (around here especially) who are supposed to be "quirky" but essentially they look, act, and consume the same stuff all the other stuff "quirky" people do. Thomas doesn't neatly fit in any one sub-culture. I can remember one year he went to prom in a totally different outfit than a tuxedo, and people didn't all get it. At the time, I don't remember feeling one way or the other about it, but as I get older, I appreciate it more and more. It's not the most epic statement in the world, it just sheds light on all of the other small decisions he makes that sets him apart without him even realizing it.

22. He is the master of jumping pictures- I think, perhaps, it is because of experiences like this one. Why don't they have any of these anymore??? Anyway, he nails a good jumping picture. I think it's because actors are so much more self-aware of how everything will look. Also because he is just joy in human form!And all that practice watching the Monkees and such.
23.  Someday, when he goes to the Oscars, he is going to take me with him!

24. He has the courage to seek out his dreams- this to me, is what I look up to the most about Thomas. I think of all the people who are so willing to make compromises on their dreams so that they never have to face uncertainty and of all the people who stay where we came from, but Thomas has absolute courage to step off the ledge because deep down he knows he can do it. You can't have the courage he has without absolutely knowing who you are, and when you are our age, that is pretty much a miracle in itself. This, to me, is so amazing, because I don't think I could be as brave as he is, and I am so proud that he is out in LA having those tough days that he can talk about later to show he earned his success (whatever that ends up looking like). I know it is going to work, and I truly could not be more impressed at his commitment to taking that risk.

25. He is the best brother in the whole world! Seriously, I would have been lost without him ( I still would be)- he keeps me in check, but I always know there is someone in my corner (and I am in his). I am lucky to have a brother that wants to have the super tight friendship we have. As long as he is ok, I am ok, and I know whenever I need him, he will be there. All of his good qualities together make him such a great person and I am extremely proud to have him as my brother! Love him so much!!

So no Happy Birthday to Thomas, but congratulations to the rest of us who get to enjoy that he was born! And kudos and thank you to my parents for giving me a brother, and a guaranteed best friend for life! Yay Thomas!

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