Wedding Wednesday- What Needs Done When we Get Home

by - Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fireworks and the Penny Carnival. If the Mostly Marches concert was thrown in, it would be the perfect trip!

Oh, and then there is some wedding stuff. Most important of which is that we have our cake tasting with JPC!!! We have heard their cake is amazing, so I am pretty psyched about this. Plus, my Nana and Poppop are coming with us and that should be fun.

Ok! Actual To Do List!

1. Make the cardbox! This is all on the Boy and his Brother. It's going to be amazing.
2. Putting together the Photo Wall.
3. Buying baskets for programs and bathroomy stuff. The activities for little kids. And the lawn games for cocktail hour (we are VERY open to suggestions for this!)
4. Figure out the timeline with the parents.
5. Beg people to make us cookies!
6. Make art. Finish paper flowers.
7. Tie ribbons to a ton of things!!!

Ok, this is a ton to do, but at least it is mostly fun stuff! Also, I could really start getting the stuff organized in the wedding room.

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