Wedding Wednesday- Thoughts on Cross Creek Resort!

by - Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Weekend before last, The Boy and I went home to be in his Brother's wedding. It was all really really fun (it was just great to be all together and to get to focus on family). It has also been great to plan a wedding at the same time my soon-to-be-sister-in-law was doing it, because she doesn't humor any of the nonsense that I let bother me for weeks. She makes her decisions and moves on! When I was back for Easter and birthdays in April, I got to go with Pam and Carlo to check out Cross Creek Resort in Titusville where they had their wedding. 

I have nothing but good things to say about Carlo, Pam, their family, and their wedding (which I imagine is a rarity and blessing with in-laws, but it's the truth, so there). On the other hand, I have some bad things about where they had their wedding (and more specifically the people who work there). Pam and Carlo have to be one of the most low maintenance couples in the world, and Cross Creek maybe took advantage of that. I thought I would share. I think maybe because there are so few choices for reception venues in the Franklin, Oil City, Titusville area, people have to settle, but if you can know what you are getting into all the better for you.

Cross Creek  has some great things going for it- the ballroom is very pretty and looks great lit up. There is also a great outdoor space for weddings, as long as you don't mind golfers being a little pushy.

On the other hand, the woman in charge of organizing these events there, I am pretty sure her name is Michelle, seems to have no idea what is going on. When we went to visit, and do things like pick the food and times and ask the basic questions you need to know, she had no idea what was going on. She also seems to be annoyed when you ask her questions, as if you shouldn't dare suggest she know something. She seems kind of adamant that you let her stay in her daze.

 Some of the food was good and they have a lot of the room set up for you when you get there so the labor for your wedding party is minimized.But Michelle the super planner isn't there when you get there. In fact, I didn't see her for quite a long time. Cross Creek is like a weird combo of overstaffed and totally desolate. They had a sunday brunch going, with at least 6 people manning a pretty nasty smelling buffet, but i didn't see anyone there. Then we just didn't see anybody. Often there wasn't even anyone at the desk. When I went to get the key to the room where we were getting ready, the girl at the desk had no idea if someone was in there (really? No one writes that down?) and then she had to make a phonecall to see if someone had cleaned the room. Wow, gross.

All of this could have been charming quirk, but when things took a turn for the worse weather wise, no one sucked more than the people there, especially our star Michelle. The outside was decorated for the ceremony. We were out taking pictures when the storm blew in, with a vengence. When we ran into the building away from the rain, Michelle was coming in with the two table cloths they loaned us (leaving all of the decor, including glass vases, out to face the storm). And she was laughing. I get mad even thinking of it. What kind of person laughs at that kind of misfortune on a wedding day? When she realized Pam was in the room she stopped, but the damage was done.

Once we were stuck inside, we tried to bounce back and get some more pictures taken. When we asked them where people can't get their picture taken outside, Michelle said she didn't know. Seriously? So i asked again, when people get their picture taken inside, where do they do it? She said they walk around and find places. Where are those places? She came up with one idea, which was the fireplace. Really? How do you have this for a job and have never noticed what people do? I think we can safely bet that in Western PA this is not the first wedding to get rained on. And it wasn't just that she didn't know, she acted annoyed with us for asking. This was the last I saw of Michelle for like 6 hours, I kid you not.

The wedding inside was actually great, and when it was over the skies had cleared, so we could take pictures outside. Of course, when we asked the girl at the desk for something to put down so Pam's dress didn't get ruined, she handed us one hand towel. And then got annoyed when we thought maybe that wouldn't be enough (can you tell how bitter I was by then?!?!?) .

We really did not see the lovely Michelle all night until she showed up at the end with a cart, rushing us to get ourselves out of there (of course they didn't do anything to make themselves useful). I did not come out of it as a fan of them as people, and it seems fitting to me that their business isn't doing that well. .Even when there isn't a ton of competition, you still need to do your job.  I really thought the wedding was great and cozy despite the weather change, and we all had so much fun, but no thanks to those people!

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