Wedding Wednesday- Invitations and Sending Ours

by - Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We are just now getting our first rsvp's for the wedding, which is very exciting, but I thought I would share what we learned from the whole invitation process (and basically show off some more pictures of other people's invitations that are cute). So here is my advice! Obviously, I don't know what I am talking about

1. Know your wedding! I think that the invitation really does set the scene. Once you get started looking, you start realizing there are about a million choices out there. Most of them also start to look the same. Use those same cheesy words you are using to describe your wedding to your caterer to describe your invites (ours are classy nerd picnic). You should feel excited about it, because the hope is that it will make your guests excited about it too.

2. Shop around- You definitely don't need to pay some big company or fancy calligrapher to make your invitations amazing ( I mean, those are nice too, but seriously, not the only choice). I was all over Wedding Paper Divas and Minted (we got our save the dates from Minted, and they were amazing and helpful, and I got to deal with a real person). If nothing on there is for you, or if they are out of your price range (they aren't bad for just the invite, but when you start adding stuff, things get expensive!), or you like buying directly from a human being, I highly recommend poking around Etsy. They have invitations of every style, design, and level of fanciness and price. 

We got our invitations through New, Borrowed, and Blue, which is a store based out of Pennsylvania, so I loved it that much extra. Krissy makes all of the invitations, and she was totally open to switching things up for us and to playing with our ideas. We never would have gotten that through anywhere else. I also loved her so much that I asked her to make our table numbers and our thank you cards! All for less than I would have gotten just invitations from most places. If you use Etsy for nothing else for your wedding, stationary is a thing worth looking into here.

3. Let it be weird- Ok, maybe not this weird, even though I think it is pretty awesome. I feel like when you have these life events that are only happening once, it is so easy to just pick the safest answer, because you don't want to get it wrong. I definitely had those moments. But if you are going to do it, do whatever it is that will make you enjoy it!

4. Always go with lots of color- ok, this is not actually true, because lots of people go neutral. But, come on people, color is heaven. 

5. Keep your guest list on an excel spreadsheet- oh yeah, it is totally dorky and OCD. It also has become our cheat sheet for all the crafts we are doing, who we still need to talk to, and what addresses we still need to find. It was nice to have this thing to send to our parents, so they could pick out what wasn't right or who they needed to add. I totally believe that for things to be laid back, there has to be a plan holding it together underneath. The excel spreadsheet is the closest I have ever been to truly together and organized. 

6. Don't lose your head over the guest list- Mostly, people will be happy to be invited, but they don't really care that much. The people who really want to be there are going to be the ones that are no brainers. If you humor every "should" invite, you will drive yourself crazy. Just spend the day with the people who you want to. It's really alright, and people will let it go. Of course, I have no idea if this is actually true, but it sounds nice. 


7. Check about stamps! We almost sent ours with too little stampage- I am still worried that we may not have enough on some of them, but what can you do?

 8. Take your parents' advice- in matters like these, they really do know best. Plus, this is their party too. It really is. So even if you are driving them crazy, you should always ask the question, because their answer might surprise you.


9. Be happy! The weirdest thing about sending the invites, is that once they are sent, they are sent. It's like you can suddenly hear the timer counting down, instead of just sort of knowing in the back of your head it is coming up. So enjoy the puttering of sending them, because once they are sent, it's time to sprint the last little chunk of wedding craziness! 

Speaking of, only 10 weeks til the wedding! Eeep!

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