Goals for Fun Times this Summer

by - Sunday, June 03, 2012

I am determined to have this summer be fun and not just about getting married. I mean, we will both be working, so it isn't like we will have oodles of time to do stuff, but we still need to come up with some fun new adventures to go on, or life will be pretty myopic and sad.

1. Have some sort of meal in Napa- we still haven't done this yet and it is so close by! It doesn't have to be ridiculously fancy, but I think a stop in foodie-ville is in order.
2. Go up Highway 1 North to the Redwood Forests there.
3. Spend some chunk of every saturday outside. The goal is to actually see some sun, so maybe we won't stay the color of death. We tried it yesterday and now we are both sunburnt, but it is character-building, right?
4. Take The Boy horseback riding- he has never done that before- isn't that crazy?
5. Volunteer More- We are thinking we can do Habitat for Humanity.
6. Plant our little Garden Bed out front- this is really my thing, but I am hoping I can talk him into it.
7. Go to a concert
8. Trying some new restaurants- we are stuck in a food rut here, so the goal for the summer is to try new places to eat out when we are going.
9. Visit the Exploratorium- I think The Boy would love it, but we've never gone.

Ok, I am sure I will add more to the list, but this is plenty to start with! Yay summertime!

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