5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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1. The Woodmans- this is a sad, somewhat problematic, documentary portrait of Francesca Woodman's parents and their responses to her work, their own work and success as artists, and her suicide almost 30 years after the fact. The film feature's both Francesca and her parents work, and the film surprisingly encourages a formalist aesthetic reading of the photographs, arguing that they are a product of the artist's highly functional phases rather than the tragedy she is most readily associated with. The photographs are ridiculously beautiful and intelligently composed, and the short film clips of Woodman working are jarring reminder that the artist was only 20 or 21 when she took te majority of them (her voice is so little!). The film is also extremely hesitant to consider the sexuality of the artist, which could partially be due to it's narrative primarily following her parents who both seem lovely in their sadness and own drive to produce artistically. The documentary exposes the impossibility of understanding Francesca, but sometimes treats her with condescension, focusing on her abnormality and seeming interpersonal petulance. It is difficult to accept that kind of read interspersed with the photographs because they each seem to have such aesthetic and sexual depth. Still, the film is on Netflix, and I would recommend it. It was a nice watch for my first few days bouncing back from the proposal.
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2. And now, on a more serious note, this halloween costume. Painted solo cups and a box? Will be campaigning for this for my niece and nephew til Halloween, because it is just that awesome!

3.Sarah Nicole Pricket's "How to get under Aaron Sorkin’s skin (and also, how to high-five properly)"- Pricket tackles the usual Aaron Sorkin machismo and general doushiness by way of her own snarky humor and by suggesting he considers himself a modernist man, stuck on the singular narrative of greatness (especially his own) and pretty much blind to viewpoints of others. Of course, you could argue she is continuing a specific postmodern feminist rhetoric which is also becoming outdated (the commenters who charge her with narcissism are particularly helpful in this), but she makes some valid points and reveals him yet again for being an uber douche.

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4.  Jellyfish tattoos- ok, this is another not exactly deep one, but geez this is gorgeous! so so pretty.
5. My camera- this weekend when we drove down the coast, my camera was acting up and having trouble focusing and I was freaking out. Luckily, the first step of cleaning it inside and out seems to have woken it back up (sometimes when there is dust in or near the mirror it can throw the autofocus sensor). Thank goodness, because I need my camera when we go home in 3 days!!

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