5 Things I Love This Week

by - Tuesday, June 12, 2012

from potterybarn.com
1. This bed- when I was a kid, I liked ordering free catalogs, and I would decorate my characters' (oh I had a lot of them... a whole issue on its own) homes with the furniture in there. I loved good old pottery barn, but it felt like this big thing that was way out of reality's reach. The Boy and I have a Pottery Barn registry now (he is a little registry crazy, but we could really use some of the small furniture stuff like bookshelves), and we briefly put this bed on it, because even though no one in a million years would buy us something that expensive, we could potentially buy it with a big discount after the wedding. Then I decided it made us look ridiculously greedy and it just felt like too much anyway. I just love this because it looks like a Saturday morning, like you can imagine your kids or dog laying around on this bed, because it just looks like its own little world. It freaks me out that anything like this is even possible, because it makes it real that I am going to have my own family and that things could be really Saturday morning hanging out good (even if it isn't as picture-perfect as this bed... which really is perfect). 
2. Living in a technological world- I have lots of days where I could really live without technology, and I don't want to live in a world when I am plugged in all the time, but when my aunt who is sick from chemo can face to face check in with her daughter who is in labor, life is freaking amazing. When I can be getting texts and pictures the whole time from family and from Shelly, life is amazing. When my Aunt and Uncle in Africa can see their new great nephew the day after he is born, life is amazing. I don't know how families did it before all of this stuff, because never could we all be so far away and still stay so close. It really is amazing.
3. My brother- Just been thinking about him a lot while he settles back in LA.
4. Produce in California- Along with my kickass dentist, this is the thing I will miss most about living in California after I leave. This week we have tons of goodies from the farmer's market and the best corn ever. Do you know corn barely counts as a vegetable? Very annoying, because this time of year I could go on an all corn diet. It is also nice to have the option to buy so much of what we eat locally and ethically with a minimal amount of effort. Obviously this won't always be the case, so I want to appreciate it now.

5. My youngest Greene cousins graduating- Don't they look amazing? Those caps feel ridiculous when they are on you, but don't they just look great on people you love? Very proud of my cousins and excited for them to be all adulty and such. Also, feeling slightly sad and nostalgic that all six of us are old now, because I know this is the time when things start to get harder to hold together. Just have to have faith that we can handle it.

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