5 Things I Love This Week

by - Tuesday, June 05, 2012

1. Coconuts' Jerk Chicken Wings- On Saturday night we went on a big date night out to dinner at Coconuts in Palo Alto. First of all, they serve everything family style, which I love. They have great cocktails and most of the food was pretty good. The star of the whole thing though was their jerk chicken wings which were ridiculously delicious- spicy and not too fatty. I highly recommend this restaurant (and this dish!) if you are in the Palo Alto area.
2. That my Mom must clean when she visits us- this picture is her cleaning out the backseat of our car. She really can't help herself, and even if I thought I got everything perfect (I definitely didn't this time), she could find some mess to clean. She's the cutest!
3. This hair- Love it.
4. Lasagna week- We decided to do lasagna this week, and I couldn't be happier about it. Lasagna seriously is the best food ever, and I did myself a favor getting engaged to an Italian boy who makes an awesome one. Plus, there are hardly any dishes, and we don't have to have those "what are we having" conversations. Amazingness all around.
5. The Beginning of Summer- Even though The Boy and I both work through the summers now, there is something about that change of season that makes you want to get outside and do something fun. This is from our kite date that was foiled, but it still made for a nice picnic and some really impressive sunburns.

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