4th of July Cutesiness- Party Like it's 1776!

by - Monday, June 25, 2012

from www.pinterest.com/tanyalynnsarni/fourth-of-july/
God bless pinterest for fueling my love of holiday-themed cuteness (I love holidays, anniversaries, whatever- I like celebrating things)! Of course, we live in a tiny apartment and aren't throwing too many parties, but this year we are going home for 4th of July, so I am hoping I can try some of these ideas and take them to my dad and his wife's cook-out.

from weheartit.com/entry/31590012
Just love this picture! Want to try these with the sparklers this year. 

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Ok, I tried to mostly avoid the straight up junk food because we are still trying to svelte up, but comeon! these are cute!

from indulgy.com/post/fnxgm3DAD1/bandana-tablecloth
Very all-American, and it seems like it would be pretty simple to make. 

from www.pinterest.com/peachdish/4th-of-july-food-ideas/

Love the ones with the flag. It is cute to see how people make this fit on pretty much any food.

from www.glorioustreats.com/2011/06/4th-of-july-flag-cake.html
Case and point- Cake!!!  I don't understand how people do this, or more importantly, why would they even want to? The elaborate cake layer thing is a tough one for me to understand, but I bet you could get me on board.

from www.busybeekidscrafts.com/American-Crafts-For-Kids.html
Kind of cute decorations. 

from www.pinterest.com/skchaves/summer-fun-bbq-stuff/
I think this is my style in cutesiness, because it is so simple! I do look at this and wonder what you do with the extra watermelon though? Just eat it? Do you have a normal fruit salad and a cutesy one?

from decorfortheholidays.com/independence-day-decorations/
More bandana decor! Do people think that our country was founded by cowboys? I do not get this trend, but a John Wayne themed 4th party might be really fun and bizarre, unless you were really sincere, at which point it would be horrible.

from minickandsimpson.blogspot.com/2010/11/quilts-of-valor.html
Love this quilt hanging. This really says let's party like it's 1776 (except let's not, because to be honest, I hate Benjamin Franklin because he is a syphilis-inducing super creeper). 

from inmyownstyle.blogspot.com
 This one is actually kind of smart- you poke a hole in a paper plate and tie the silverware on. Well-played.

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