Thoughts on my First Giants Game

by - Thursday, May 17, 2012

This week The Boy and I went to our first baseball game. This isn't our first professional game individually- both of us have gone to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play, but it is a slightly different experience since the Giants actually win sometimes. The other thing that makes it pretty cool is that the Giants' stadium is right on the Bay, and it is absolutely beautiful.

We went with my cousin Ben, who is here visiting another Pennsylvania transplant. After we watched the first inning, we walked around the perimeter of the stadium to understand it's full glory. It was really windy and cold. On the train to the game, we noticed a lot of people brought blankets, and I can now fully endorse that strategy. 

To stay warm, we got hot chocolate. Not just any hot chocolate, but the kind Ghiradelli's makes! This makes it super delicious, but also 6 dollars. The stadium really does have great food, but I think I would still encourage you don't rely totally on the food there. Because you will lose all your cash moneys. Still, the hot chocolate is definitely worth the investment, because it is delicious and our walk around the stadium was actually cozy because I was warm inside. 

This is the view on the lower side of the stadium. The coolest thing about it, actually, is that when foul balls are hit over the wall, there are people waiting in kayaks to pick it up. Kind of a fun way to spend your Tuesday night.

All the boys. Ben's friend Tim was rocking all Penn State gear. It is amazing how happy that sight makes me now. Also, notice they have a fake streetcar up there. 

Anyway, the walk was fun, and we started getting food. The Boy and I got hot sausage sandwiches that he really liked. My big regret is that we didn't also go for the garlic fries. Because garlic fries are an essential northern california food! This picture is supposed to show the guys combing the sand, which seemed like a fun job to me. 

We also got Ben a churro, because he had never had one. It was not the best churro, to be honest, and the guy yelling kept calling them hot and steamy. I didn't see any steam. 

Ok, it must be clear by now that the most fun part of the night was the crazy amount of food options and cool stuff to see. But I actually enjoyed watching the baseball too!It was pretty exciting because it was neck and neck all night. 

As Ben explained to me, baseball has a lot of "down time" but they put up mildly hilarious pictures of the players on the big screen. This guy was my favorite. 

So all in all, even if you aren't a sports person, I would highly recommend going to a Giants game, because really is super fun. At the end, they got three home runs with one batter guy and everyone got so excited. There is also lots of cute dancing and old ladies on the jumbo tron. All cute stuff. 

I also would highly recommend taking the train afterwards, because drunk people are funny and dumb. And they get off the train, so it goes from crazy stupid to pretty serene. All in all, A+!

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