Dissertation Update- My Week of Brain Break

by - Monday, May 14, 2012

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Since I was told to take a break from my dissertation, I have split my actual brain work (as opposed to wedding work, of which I have done quite a bit) into 2 directions. First, I read "They Say/I Say" which is an unapologetically pedantic treatise on academic writing, which I was hoping would help me figure out exactly what an introduction should look like. I am not sure I mastered it, but it did help me think of a few things that need to be there, and it was a pretty straightforward recap on things it definitely took me 4 years to figure out. 

Secondly, I have been reading old articles by Lucy Lippard. Lippard was one of the first art critics who really took women artists seriously. She is also probably my favorite art writer ever (definitely in the top three, in case I have already claimed that for someone else). I think this should help me practically, since what I am trying to figure out is how making an argument for LA can shed light on a larger historical feminist phenomena. But the bigger reason is because she writes so clearly, never pandering to academic bullshit, because she enjoyed be on the outside. Her writing is fantastic and emits unbelievable feminist urgency, so I feel like kicking ass after I read her. I remember that what I am doing really isn't just important to me, and should not be treated as out of date or simply understood. It is nuanced and it matters. So I am trying to parlay Lippard reading into some real motivations, and if nothing else, a reminder of how I can really love what I do. 

So, now that I have gotten this in line, I return to the proposal in the next few days, hopefully to just kick its ass.

from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy_R._Lippard

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