5 Things I Love This Week

by - Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1. The decor at the Philadelphia Airport- you know you are in a Pennsylvania when they are decorating with dead stuff. I love it. I mean, I just love when I know I am getting so close to back home (though Philly is quite a back track).

2. French Creek- Even though the majority of the week was wedding oriented, my Dad and I did get the chance to go for a walk by the river together. I know people love California, but where we live is just beautiful too. Its a great time of year in Franklin, though it was stinking hot and humid the whole time!

3. The Blue Canoe Brewery in Titusville- Ok, the service was super slow, but it was 2 o clock on Saturday, so I am willing to bet they weren't prepared for the giant group of 15 that came in. I got the spicy pasta thing, and it was soooo good. Everyone kept talking about how great their sandwiches were too, so I think it was way worth the wait. Delicious, and the ambiance is very cool, without being too fussy for where it is at.

 4. This child. My niece is the sassiest child in the history of the world, and I adore her. This picture cracks me up!

 5. Watching my friend Melissa officiate her first wedding- It was so cool that she married Pam and Carlo, because I got to be there for her first wedding. And she did a fantastic job. And, to add a little humor to it, Pam kept getting compliments on how hot the priest was! Yay Melissa! Spiritual, a great leader, loving in super panicky moments, and hot! She is the perfect priest!

Bonus Love- Mr. Alfeo dancing to the YMCA.  I could watch him dance to that about a million times. That reception was fun!

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