5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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1. Slim Keith- The inspiration for Slim in To Have and Have Not, Howard Hawks' second wife was sassy and had great fashion. From what I have read about her she was essentially a really talented social climber, but so what? She understood fashion and she was smart as hell. If you are a woman in the 40's, that certainly isn't going to make you the CEO of a company. Apparently she wrote an autobiography, so I will add that to the leisure reading list I have for when I have free time (never).

2. Watching Ben Jones eat steamed clams, and slowly come to the realization of what exactly he is putting in his mouth- The little crab in one of their bellies did not help. In my defense, I did warn him.
3. Shane Co- We went to buy our wedding rings there, and it took about 20 minutes. Which seems like the perfect amount of time to spend picking out two plain bands. No one tried to upsell us or talk us into diamonds and doo dads of all kinds. That made me happy.
4. Oreo Milkshakes- did you know there are 960 calories in one of those things? You better love them, because essentially they are more than half the calories you should consume in an entire day. These are the things I am learning on my way to healthiness. Some junk food really gets that reputation for a reason. Why God made it so delicious, I do not know.
5. Seeing a sea lion unexpectedly- As Ben was walking away from this picture, a sea lion popped his head out of the water, no more than 2 or 3 yards away from us. It was awesome. I was hoping the sea lion photobombed one of our pictures, but no luck. Still, it was really cool.

Bonus! 2 Things I definitely do NOT love this week-
1. Root canals. My face hurts. It hurts differently than before I got the root canal, but I would prefer no hurt at all. Plus, they gave me like 6 shots of Novocaine and it took forever to get feeling back in my face yesterday. Grossness all around.
2. Old men who give weird creepy super sexist talks before classic movies- anyone who thinks its ok to talk about how a 40 something year old man wanted to "possess"  an 18 year old girl is a creeper. Let's just all decide collectively that "possess"ing should stay a thing of the past. It is not a polite way to refer to sex. It's 10 times grosser.

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