5 Things I Love this Week

by - Monday, May 07, 2012

1.Going to my first ever ultrasound!- Ok, not mine, Shelly's, but it was awesome! It was very cool to see this, and the ultrasound tech was just adorable. Baby Liam was being shy and covered his face with his tiny super cute baby hands, but you could still see his tiny super cute baby smile. If he is like his mom was when we were kids, he will be happy smiley and chatty. It was amazing that I got to see this, and I am just in awe that she is going to be a mom so soon! It's amazing and it feels like a miracle.

It is strange to have it happen now, because I truly believe Liam is an angel baby coming to heal my Aunt Ann. I also think it is odd that both soon to be Mom and Gigi spend their days rubbing their bellies all the sudden (AA is even borrowing some of Shell's early maternity clothes). Anyway, the point of all of this is that I would have cried like a baby if there was a way to do that without making it all about myself. Baby appointments are really just adorable.

2. Back porches and pancakes- We sat out yesterday and had breakfast with my aunt and uncle in our pajamas. it made me wish we had a cool outdoor space like that too! We just had a great long conversation and it was so relaxing. I think it is what people imagine when they think of living in the South.

3. Aunt Renee's cricket creations- our aunt made a bunch of the decorations for Shelly's shower and she did a kickass job. She got one of those cricket machines, and she has been super crafty ever since. This is the diaper cake she made for Shelly. Sure it is cute on first glance, but all the animals come in baby boy/ momma pairs. Just about the cutest thing ever. The shower was just beautiful, and Renee's contributions really made that happen!
from etsy.com the Bold and Noble store

4. Bold and Noble Prints-  I bought this stunner for Liam's Noah's Ark themed nursery. This is a great look if you want something that is sweet but has a more subtle/ adult aesthetic. I just thought it was cool, and Shell got a lot of compliments on it. You can look at Bold and Noble's store on Etsy here-


5.This picture- Seeing Aunt Ann give a big belly laugh is pretty much the best thing in the world right now. If I were my Uncle Roberto, I would read the breast pump box every day if it kept getting that reaction! To see her up and healing both physically and spiritually was the best blessing of this week by far. It just gives me that much more hope for a fast recovery.

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