5 Favorite TV Moms

by - Sunday, May 13, 2012

Alright, in honor of mother's day, I am going to name my favorite TV Moms. Because, why not?

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5. Lorelai Gilmore- there was a phase in my life where I really really loved the Gilmore Girls. Now when I watch the show, I am struck by just how self-centered these two women are. Still, Lorelai is a pretty enviable Mom with her devotion to junk food and endless bank of pop culture references. She just seems like a ton of fun to hang out with, as long as you can avoid bringing up her love life. Also, everything they do is adorable- the house is adorable, their clothes are adorable, their perfectly matched blue eyes are also adorable, their quick-talking-adorable.

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4. Gloria from Modern Family-Gloria has raised the most precocious child in the world, who I have adored since the first episode (seriously, Manny is a gem). And she so endearingly loves her kid, being simultaneously a big softy for his romantic schemes and a total badass who will destroy anything that hurts her family. Sofia Vergara is way more hilarious than anyone that beautiful has the right to be. She is my vote for the next cast member to get an Emmy, for sure.

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3. Colleen on 30 Rock- She is so amazing. I think the only episode that really made me laugh last season had Elaine Stritch on it. She can be completely heartbreaking and hilarious in every scene she is in, and that is actually what makes her so funny. Pure evil for the sake of good. Case and point from when Jack hit her with a car:
 Colleen: Exhibit A: You're cell phone bill. You made a call to 911 at 8:16 AM. Exhibit B: The watch that my son gave me for Christmas. Not the one I wanted by the way. You had just set it before it broke of course when you car rammed into me down in Florida. And it stopped at 8:08. Exhibit C: 16-8=8! Numbers, unlike children, don't lie. What kind of son...
Jack: What kind of mother tells her son that John Kennedy died because he talked in church? Or tells her son when he was voted captain of the diving team, quote "What a great way to meet guys?" Or invites strange men over on Christmas Eve?
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2. Caroline Manzo- I will happily admit to the Real Housewives of New Jersey as my favorite guilty pleasure television, and my favorite thing about it is actually watching families interact. It just makes the stakes higher in the fights, but way more importantly, the good times seem so familiar and joyful, because they add to that feeling of a long shared history which may be my favorite thing about life, much less reality tv. Caroline Manzo is a fierce tv mom who will destroy anyone who hurts her kids, and she has curated a home that is tight, committed, and loyal. Plus, they are funny and throw ham at each other. Well done.

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1. Lucille Bluth- the best TV mom ever who is pretty much the worst mom ever. So mean, so greedy, so hilarious. On her favorite child-

  Michael:  Buster got a medal, what for?
Lucille: Oh who knows what they were saying? It's probably because a seal ate his hand. Apparently, the army is giving out medals for being food

And on that note, happy Mother's Day Everyone!

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