Wedding Wednesday- Week Home Wedding Blitz!

by - Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ok, so this week we have been making lots of decisions and crafts, so we are actually getting lots done! We made the final call on the boy's attire. I wanted red bow ties, but one of the groomsmen instantly thought of PeeWee Herman, so we have compromised on black bow ties.


We have also gotten lots of crafting done, and lots of our family has helped when we asked:

So, with one big day left for wedding stuff, this is what I have to do- 
-Calling and telling old hair people nevermind, calling around for a new hairstylist
- Checking in with the hotel to be sure our block is set aside
- Finish some of our crafts!
Figure out what we want for the girls' shoes and accessories (Jenny and Mindy will be over tomorrow to look and chat about the options)
- Ask people about helping make cookies for the cookie table!
-Go through the bracelets we already made for the excel spreadsheet.

All in one day- should work out fine, right? 20 weeks to go!

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