Wedding Wednesday- Hair Trial Fail

by - Wednesday, April 04, 2012


This afternoon, my bridesmaid Jenny and I headed out to the hair salon to practice our gussing up. I was really really hopeful about this event, and I brought all of my help pictures with the hope that the lady could help me piece together how to get something that is semi-asymmetrical, can accommodate a big veil and a hair wreath, and has something vaguely retro/ late 50's about it. Instead, when we got there she told me she didn't know how to do buns and that they didn't have any hair bands. Then she tried to sell me the decorations from the wedding she had recently called off.  Fair to say that we weren't too far into the 2 hour appointment before it became clear that this was not the right place for us. Jenny was even badass enough to talk to a manager before we left. After about 4 tries and the help from one of her dear co-workers, this is what Sharon came up with:

They kept saying that this was rough because it is just a trial run, but this was really really rough.  When I called them back, I said I wanted to go with the helper stylist, but the plan for tomorrow is to just call back and say we are going with someone else, because this shiz is crazy.

Can you tell from my ear how annoyed I was?It looks shockingly like the hairstyle I fashion when I am reading and I need my hair out of my face (my grammy asked me if I had already taken my hairstyle out when I visited her). Except way greasier. Just fabulous.

It was, all in all, a pretty sucky moment, because you don't want to be that bridezilla, but you also think you look pretty foolish. I am lucky to have bridesmaids who will speak their mind pretty openly, because this is one of the moments where you really need someone to tell you you aren't crazy. I think it was probably the only time in all this wedding-y stuff that I was genuinely unhappy with what was going on. Now I need to go take a shower and wash this craziness out of my hair!

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