Wedding Wednesday- Choosing Our Readings and the Ceremony

by - Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This last two weeks we have been discussing a lot more about the ceremony/ spiritual part of the wedding. This part, in my head, should be relatively self-evident, but like everything else with the wedding, the more we try to figure it all out, the more we realize there is to work out.  Right now, I have started making the programs (Episcopal services need a long program, because non-Episcopals will otherwise have no idea what is going on, and it is supposed to be interactive!)

In fact, we are basically doing 2 programs- the first one looks basically just like these- it's primary purposes are to bring some levity and color to a pretty somber (but beautiful) church and to keep people cool in August in a church with no air conditioning. Basically, these ones were no brainers. 

The other program, the book program, is the trickiest one.  I have big chunks of it worked out, but right now Nick and I are discussing A. who to have as our readers and B. What the heck they are reading. We are trying to steer away from 1st Corinthians and Song of Solomon and anything with icky gender issues and sexism, heteronormativity, etc. I understand you are buying into this stuff a little bit just by getting married, much less married in the church, but I am holding my ground. That's not what my marriage will be about, so it has no place in my wedding. My faith doesn't function that way, and I want to be able to spiritually connect with the readings at the service.

So that is the trick right now- picking readings and hopefully figuring out how to fit it all in a program that isn't 100 pages long (right now I think we are at 16). Also, trying to figure out if adding a Sudoku in the back is kind to people or just super rude to the big JC.

Since the church is so beautiful, we put nearly no thought into decoration. We'll get some flowers from the front, we'll show up. That should be enough right? There has been discussion of putting some tissue paper flowers on the pews, mostly because we have so much tissue paper that we might as well. Other than that, things will be pretty low key, I think. This is part of the reason we are a little behind on this aspect of the ceremony. 

The other thing we REALLY need to figure out is the music portion of the ceremony. I asked an old friend to play the organ, but he is waiting for news about grad school (and I really hope he gets what he wants) so it is unclear whether he will be able to be there or not. At some point, I have to get the skinny on that so we can pick songs and so forth, but I think this particular issue means a lot more to the boy that it does to me.

We also have to finish tying ribbons to the stinking bells. On the bright side, that just means hanging out at my Nana's house, and who can complain about that? Still, clearly this part of the wedding isn't any more settled than any other part of the wedding, maybe it is even less settled, so we have some things to work on for sure!

17 weeks left to go!

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