Picture of the Week- In Tennessee with the Girls

by - Monday, April 16, 2012

A couple of things really struck me on my trip last week. First, it is still super important to laugh in times like this (if only for release). What is going on is very serious, but to maintain hope and levity, you have to have those little moments of silliness. The picture above is Shelly waiting in traffic because an onion truck fell over (only the back so no one was hurt). You can't help but laugh when the little onion skins were flying through the air and you could smell the stinkiness. Below is my mom doing zumba hip hop and making me laugh like a crazy person. Funnier still is that my aunt and uncle have a camera in their living room, and they could have seen us doing our exercise!

The other thing that I have been thinking a lot about is the way the bonds between people really shine in situations like these and the incredible importance of bonds between women. I don't think the only life long partners we get are romantic, and I really do think my Mom and Aunt Ann have a really beautiful bond with each other, and it was very sweet to watch my mom take care of her (and to see Aunt Ann still try to take care of everyone else). I was also in awe of my cousin Shell, who was handling everything with grace, hope, and complete devotion to her mom. Not to mention, it was nice to see everyone taking such good care of each other. The short hand for all of this is that even in the very first chapter of what I know will be a tough road, really positive things became so apparent as well. Talk about grace.

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