Dissertation Progress- Reviewing the Review of the Field

by - Friday, April 20, 2012

Ok, this is more like rewriting. Today I am trying to rework the Review of the Field section. I scheduled a meeting with my writing tutor on Tuesday afternoon, and my plan is to have a pretty finished version of this section to go over with him. It shouldn't be so hard to write 5 paragraphs, but the whole thing is pretty daunting. Will get to work on this more over the weekend, but I need to pull it together pretty quickly.

 The larger goal is to have a new draft to my adviser before I leave for Shelly's shower in the beginning of May. I already think that I am out of luck in terms of getting this approved by the department by the end of the spring (you have to get it in a month ahead of time), but I am hopeful I can still have a productive summer on top of all the getting married stuff.

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