Dissertation Progress- After a Long Hiatus, Facing the Music

by - Monday, April 16, 2012

While I was home for Easter, I got my proposal draft back from my adviser, so I have been milling over her feedback, and even though I pretty much have to rewrite 2 sections, I feel good about where I am at. So now this week, I am going through her notes and trying to apply them/ rewrite and rethink the intro and review of the field.

I am also going back through my presentation for my oral exams, because my adviser basically said she wished more of that made the proposal (which I think is at least a livable critique). So, now I just need to get my head into game and really get this all to work. Weirdly, going back through my ACE presentation was a good reminder of all the things I love about what I am doing, so I am feeling more optimistic in general. Yay graduate school!

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