5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1. Plane tickets- I love having two really big and happy trips to look forward to. Counting down the days til I'm back in Tennessee.

2. We finally ran out of the Febreez scented garbage bags. I think it took about a year, but finally the garbage will be the stinkiest thing in our garbage can. I am not sure what devil convinced people that Febreeze smells good, but it is the worst smell in the world. Baby diapers and death. Seriously, worst smell ever.

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3. The holiday section of Pinterest- cheesy decorations, overly elaborate crafts, and an endless supply of themed cupcakes? Clearly I have found Heaven.

4. The new Jelly Experience at the Monteray Bay Aquarium- alright, I am lying. I was super excited to see what they had, but basically there weren't all that many jellyfish in it. What it did have for it was an inexplicable early 70's theme, psychedelic music, really cool lighting fixtures, and a bunch of pretty cutesy activities clearly aimed for people that can't question the retro slippage in the presentation. Our favorite was this winner, where you draw jellyfish and then shoot it out into an ocean of other people's jellies for about 45 seconds. You can also email it to yourself. Of course, there is no law that you have to draw a jellyfish, so we started getting creative. I think the mermaid made some of the other kids pretty happy.

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5. Adam Scott was Griff on Boy Meets World- How did I not know this? Of course, when you think of Adam Scott, you think tough guy, so it makes sense he was on the early years of Boy Meets World. Pretty much the precursor to the Wire, right? He was also on Party of Five. Thank you random Diablo Cody clip on Hulu.Mr Feeny? Cory and Topanga? Anyway, just another reason why his resume is super bizarre/ awesome.

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