5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, April 17, 2012

from whatisbholvi.wordpress.com
1. These bracelets- I am sure it says all sorts of negative things about me and the times and so forth that within a week of all this stuff I started looking for Ovarian cancer duds for us to wear, but man! Sometimes, if you are going to build team spirit you just need some uniforms. It works that way in Dodgeball/ every other sports movie ever except for bad news bears where they are still failures! Anyway, it's kind of cool to see what is out there, and I really do believe that things like this add a little more positivity to the universe.
2. By Grandma Barbara and Poppop's wedding bells- aren't they cute? I love them and they are so cute!
from www.vulture.com/2011/08/liza-minnelli-terry-richardson-photos.html
3.I've had this picture of Liza Minnelli doing VALIE EXPORT sitting around in my photos for months. I don't know for sure that it is a Terry Richardson photograph, but it has that kind of annoying, self-important aesthetic. Still, I love Liza and Valie, so you kind of can't not love the super weird juxtaposition of the two. God Bless a world where people can be doing homages of their high art contemporaries. Especially considering she is freaking Liza and shouldn't be anything other than her super amazing self. Still, in the top 5 best pictures of her ever. Or maybe I hate it. I just can't decide, but that is why it has been waiting for its turn on the list!
4. The hateful look The Boy gets on his face when Glee is on the television. Almost worth watching the kind of rottenness they keep putting on. How can it keep getting worse???

from www.minieco.co.uk/pacman-halloween-garland/
5. Thank you pinterest for random amazingness like this- who doesn't love pacman garland?

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